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  1. Probably not soon, I am trying to stretch my dollars and make the RX400h go over 300k miles....time will tell.
  2. Well, haven't said it yet this year, Merry Christmas to all, both new and Old. Be safe, and feel the love.
  3. I kind of miss some of the Old RX members postings. I particularily enjoyed cduluk, as he was the master of modifications on the RX.
  4. Is your car throwing any codes? Also does is sound like the Gas engine is stuttering and then dies? Could be a dirty throttle body or bad throttle body sensor....I know it is a hybrid by the way, I have an RX400h.
  5. This is located on passenger side of vehicle on rear valve cover. Usually has large foam covering over the hose.
  6. OH yea, been dealing with that for 37 years. I have completely gutted this house since Oct 2017. (We downsized and went one story) so remodeling this older home is a must. At same time still maintaining the Lexus RX400h, Ford F150, and new to stable a Toyota Solara convertible.
  7. Avoid Bosch plugs by all means...They are garbage. NGK or Denso iridium are great and last an easy 120k miles. My wife has 230k miles on hers....
  8. Yup still here, but crazy busy remodeling my house.....
  9. I would keep the RX400h and drive until it dies. Money in the pocket is far smarter....
  10. Thankyou for posting, that sounds like a great resolution, good price, and great warranty.
  11. That is weird, the pin bent is from the wheel hub hitting it. Is the back plate that the shoes rest on bent outward? you might want to compare to the other side of the car axle hub.
  12. Personally if you like the car, go to that independent and have them check the system and rebuild whatever cell is bad. Lot cheaper than a new car.
  13. I personally love the Defender, I have them on my RX400h and My Ford F150 truck. They ride smoothly, and last forever.
  14. Well I am at 228k miles on my 2008 RX400h. I have developed an intermittent vibration which appears to be related to the ice coming on or off....any thoughts.?
  15. By the way got these contacts on Amazon for less than $20
  16. Why not just replace the starter contacts. Cheap from amazon and takes about 30 minutes. Any mechanic could do this... http://www.nationsautoelectric.com/instructions.html see this for explanation.. I have done this on two different starters with success in fixing your intermittent starting.
  17. Note the dealer will be way more expensive.
  18. Call a locksmith that can cut the master from your Vin#. They can also program the electronics. I know here locally I had to do that on my Toyota Solara, cost me about $150
  19. I have MIcheliin Defenders on my RX400h and my Ford F150 truck, best tire I have ever used.
  20. One of your driven devices is freezing up. ie the alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, or one of the idlers. Before putting belt on spin each to make sure they are free. I would suspect the air conditioning compressor when energized is the culprit.
  21. Unfortunately all gas in California has winter blend.
  22. I would try an ISC reset, do a search for the procedure on this site. Remember our winter gas is not ideal in CA and also the engine comes on more during the colder season.
  23. Still here and added a Toyota Solara convertible to my collection. Love this SC look alike. Yup Still have RX400h with 209k miles...what a ride. Still a hot rod.