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  1. What was the mileage when the transmission failed? Was the fluid black and odorous on the first 15k change and each susequent fluid change? What specific component(s) failed in the transmission? ← I am now on my third transmission from Lexus of Roseville. The workmanship from this dealer is at best poor. The first replacement transmission I found hoses and bolts missing on the transmission to engine and vacuum lines disconnected. The Remanufactured transmission failed to work properly and would drop out of gear and almost cause rear enders in heavy traffic. Nothing like stepping on the gas and not going. After three tries at the dealership and a month of downtime they replaced the remanufactured transmission. This time the Sway bar tie rods where completely disconnected and rubbing against the brake lines and drive shafts. I have had it with Lexus service from Lexus of Roseville California. Waiting for the test results from my wife on this third transmission.the second transmission only last a few hundred miles. I highly suggest a total fluid flush instead of the transmission draining. I also would suspect because of the failures that cooling is insufficient because the cooler is in the wheel well without any proper venting. I will keep everyone posted. Lenore
  2. would definetly suggest 15k miles intervals or every year which ever comes first to save your transmisson. I just lost mine and the fluid was changed every 30k. It cost $4300. The fluid was always black and smelled bad. Also make sure it is type IV toyota fluid. I suspect poor cooling and lack of design in the failures I have heard about. Also most failures are on the AWD RX300 from my exposure to Lexus mechanics.
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    Rx 300 Questions

    I too experienced the lost of electronic control of the driver door lock. the procedure I have is to disconect the battery and reconnect and see if the problem goes away. If not the motor control solenoid in the drivers door is bad. I test it with 12 v and found it sluggish. I t was worn. You have to buy the entire motor solenoid assembly from Lexus. Part No 69040-48020 at $258. Sorry no cheap fix I tried and was not successful. The mechanism comes with all new cables and by the way the trick to find the last screw on the door is to carefully pop the switch assembly straight up without destroying the arm rest. the last screw is under the switch which is not easy to locate. Good luck by the way pin 1(yellow) and pin 2(red) go to the lock motor, pin 3 Green/red and pin 4 Green go to Door Unlock detection switch. Pin 5 Purple and pin 6 go to the Door Key lock and unlock switch. (note all of these for left drivers door)
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    Rx300 Transmissions Awd

    My transmission failed july 8,2004 and I serviced it every 30k miles. I feel there is a design flaw in the RX300 AWD transmission as there service interval has changed to 15k miles. I was also told by a Lexus Mechanic of poor cooling because of the location of the transmission cooler. Lexus is not willing to step up to the issue as Acura has in their recent recall on the MDX Suv, giving unlimited mileage repairs because of insufficient cooling on their transmission. On a high end vehicle with known reliability such as the LEXUS this transmission should not have failed at 102k miles with proper maintenance. Anybody else feel the way I do????
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