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  1. Which intake system gives the most, if any, power in the gs400?
  2. I hard wired the fans to the battery and they worked fine. I replaced the sensor at the bottom of the radiator(i was told this was the switch that turned the fans on) and the fans still don't work. the car keeps overheating, the water pump works, new radiator, new thermostat. Coolant is running through the whole system but the fans won't come on. Is this why my car keeps overheating? Why won't the fans come on? I have a 98 gs400, any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you
  3. Well the guy at the shop said he grinded and sanded it all down, he didn't mention anything about sealing it. I guess that's just him trying to get me buy new wheels. But thanks for the advice. I'll look into someone fixing it for me.
  4. So one of my tires starts going flat and i pump it up. Maybe a week later, its flat again, pump it up. 4 days later, its flat again. I took it to Tire Exchange to see what the problem was and they tell me the tire is fine but the rim was rusting and corroding creating causing the air to leak out. Now I have to buy a new rim but instead of stock I'm gonna get some aftermarkets. Anyone know what rims would look best on a gold 98 gs400?
  5. I've noticed you know a lot about the electronics in cars. My passenger side tail light doesn't come on unless i tap it and also my driver side speakers don't put out only a staticy annoying sound. I plugged them in on the other side and they worked fine.. any suggestions?

  6. 98 GS 400 with 180k miles, still drives like its brand new. Although the left drivers door speakers don't work and one of my tail lights goes on and off. Still runs great tho
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