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  1. i think you can find it in forum-buyer&seller its at the bottom... hi too, im also new here and proud to be lexus owner, i just get mine a week ago :D
  2. what do you mean by power mode in is250? is it button action?
  3. Hi Dcfish, im looking for 2011 oem lexus navigation for my 2011 is250 because when im buying it, it dont have navigation so now i want to have it... please contact me ASAP my email is
  4. Hi, im a new user here, im seriously looking for putting OEM Lexus navigation into my 2011 is 250... can someone help me? because my dealer said, that they can't do it. *i read that dcfish is the one i should contact with, but i cant contact him due to some error, can u give me his email? thanks so much
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