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  1. Thank you for the reply. It appears 11,1KM/L is not bad.
  2. Hi everyone Recently my battery drained (The famous dark spot of RX400h, I wish Toyota thought about it at design stage) when I left it untouched on a vacation. On my return I got a new battery replaced through a professional service. The system came up fine and I see no differences other than the fuel consumption which has dropped from 11.8KM/L to 11.1KM/L. I did an ICU reset and ran the vehicle for some time but it has not improved. I am wondering whether this is because the reset was done at a much cooler temperature that the recommended although I got it heated up with lot of rough running. Any help is greatly appreciated. Regards Arjuna
  3. Hi All, This is the VIN I found. This is on the left front side door panel. Based on IT, mechanics and electronics I know this is definitely a physical key bypass with a solenoid to unlock the steering within the cylinder unit itself and some relays to activate ACC, ON and start positions. The cube insertion is for emergency only. There are places the proximity reading fails - especially near GSM towers and high security zones. Almost all the time it is in the pocket. I thought I helped you on the info. Keep me posted on progress. Cheers Arjuna
  4. Hi friends I was going through a Prius service manual that recommended 87Octane petrol (Gas) as the recommended fuel. It also mentioned that 95Octane could beep a dash warning occasionally. It could be the same for RX since it has the same technology in a larger scale. Has anyone analysed the long term saving vs costs such as fuel system cleanups and mileage etc. I am sure there are many threads on this but I am wondering whether there is a long term impact analysis. Regards Arjuna
  5. Is the VIN under the driver seat? There is no sticker by the door panel.
  6. This is the Key - Lovely, Lovely lovely!!! Let me try to help you with the VIN. If fact I am wondering whether the recent recall on inverter has anything do to with the model I have. I am trying to find it myself. Thank for the pics. Arjuna
  7. Here it is. I wanted to get some second opinion before trying out the gap using my Swiss army knife!
  8. thanks for the fast reply, mine is a "Push Start" system with a key like a cube which I am suppose to keep in the pocket (Aug 2007 model). I am actually wondering how to open it...
  9. thanks for the fast reply, mine is a "Push Start" system with a key like a cube which I am suppose to keep in the pocket (Aug 2007 model). I am actually wondering how to open it...
  10. Dear Friends My dash warning comes occasionally (Red triangle) indicating that the remote proximity key is not found while I am driving. Strangely it happens when my wife opens the passenger side door while the key is in my pocket. Is this a big procedure to replace the battery? Just wondering whether someone has the instructions and pictures for DIY. I hope the problem is with battery!!! Regards Arjuna
  11. You may be right. It is a 2007 RX 400h. Thanks for the tip
  12. Dear friends My lexus RX400H is a Japanese one with warnings coming in Japanese. I have clocked 33,000KMs. Occasionally the Red Triangle(Not the brake signs) lights up and beeps when the SUV is on D, brakes fully pressed and stationed. Both occasions I noticed it when I stopped the car for my wife to get down while I was on D after about 8-10KMs of a run. After about 15 Secs it goes away when I start moving. The message in Japanese is not the same as a Triangle warning when the key is out of range after a start. 1. I just want to know whether anyone has experienced this and willing to give a tip or advice. 2. It is great if there is a site where the messages are translated. 3. I had a Merc before and on red dash warnings you are suppose to stop. Yellows are informative and you can proceed. Are the Red Triangle warnings meant to stop and visit a dealer for RX? Regards Arjuna
  13. Thanks for this. I have no dealer in my area. I have to take this to Toyota and I do not depend on them much.
  14. Thanks for this. I got my Lexus as a hobby and this stuff will load the record books for reference
  15. Hi all Looking for expert advice. Is it good to keep the gear shift on D and apply brakes on traffic jams and colour lights? On conventional CVT gear boxes they recommend the N position for over 1/2 minute sessions since it helps to extend the drive belt life. However on Hybrids the manual says not to do this since there is a risk of battery drain on N. Despite this the car picks up without paddling, moment the brakes are off. Will this increase any wear and tear? Regards AN