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  1. Some comments: 1. I did not find this video review (or most other on-line reviews) very useful. It was all subjective or based on the impression of the driver. The BMW seemed to have better steering and the GS seemed to have a better suspension. Ok, what's better mean? 2. The numbers in your chart are more objective and useful but only relate to drag racing performance and fuel economy and not performance driving a road with lots of curves. So maybe if the 2013 handles a lot better than the older GS even though it's a bit slower off the line, it might still be a more fun car to drive. 3. If
  2. Your height cut off is too low - I'm 6'3" and drive round trip between SF Bay Area and Denver every summer (1300 miles each way). I've gone 16 hours in my 2003 LS and was actually unhappy that it was time to stop. I'm an audiophile and so appreciate the quiet cabin in which I can actually hear the excellent (for a car) ML audio system. I will say that I had my LS 430 driver's seat modified to add some support to my upper back by having an upholstery shop add some padding there. The Lexus dealer (in 2003) actually paid for this. I think a shorter person would not have needed this change. Look
  3. Missed this when I posted above. Thanks for the link.
  4. Ack! Not good news to find out the ML speakers have foam surrounds (between the cone and the frame). Foam surrounds typically decay and fall apart after 10 to 20 years on home speakers and so probably last less than that in the harsher car environment. The size of the speaker is not the only parameter needed to find replacements. Other factors include efficiency, impedance and frequency response. The entire system of speakers, amplifiers and cross-over (filter networks) were carefully designed to work together in these cars. If the replacement speakers or more or less efficient than the orig
  5. I Read somewhere on the Internet that F stood for Flagship and was used pre-1990 as the code name for Lexus (only the LS then) and so was also the F in IS F (and LFA and the future LF), but I don't remember where I read that. Anyway it's not correct. IS F Story ". . . In fact, Fuji Speedway is the IS F's home circuit, and its many turns were the inspiration for the F-logo design. . ." and Fuji Speedway ". . . The last five of [Fuji Speedway's] 16 corners can generate over 2Gs in lateral acceleration, and when viewed from above, they form the shape of the letter F. . ."
  6. Sure, agreed. The LS has a lot more dedicated information displays that I miss in the IS. Thought I read somewhere that F did mean Flagship.
  7. Steve, Thanks for your response and also for taking the time to support this forum as a forum manager. Both much appreciated. FYI, I found the answer to one of my questions (item 3 on my list): directly under the volume control on the dash are two buttons, one with an up arrow and one with a down arrow. If you press one of these buttons it takes you to the next or previous track, depending on the button you push. But if you press and hold one of the buttons until you hear a beep, the control becomes fast forward (up arrow) or fast reverse (down arrow) for as long as you continue to hold the
  8. I recently got a 2011 Lexus and have had a 2003 LS since new. Both have ML audio / navigation systems. I've noticed a couple features missing on the new car and I'm wondering if I'm not using them correctly. Minor stuff, but... 1. 2003 LS clock sets automatically to the GPS, 2011 IS does not. 2. 2011 IS clock settings allow you to set time zone and daylight savings time but these settings do not change the clock which seems to be totally manually set. So what is the purpose of entering time zone and DST if they don't change the clock? 3. On the 2011 IS, I can't find the fast forward or fas
  9. My 2003 LS430 has the perforated leather seats to allow air flow. However, a few of the little holes (perforations) have some dirt or something jammed in them creating white spots on the black leather. Is there anyway to get those out?
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