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  1. Warning - I had just mentioned in a different forum a few of the VAISTech issues we're run into. 1) The new XM channels (Sirius-XM actually) don't always work with the VAISTech unit. By reprogramming the unit, the channels will appear in the channel list. However, once the vehicle is powered-off, the channels don't respond and most of the time the XM switches to another channel. Sometimes the audio goes completely away. It could be the Audiovox XM tuner, but VAISTech hasn't said and it has been months. 2) Our VAISTech module died over a month ago. We took it to CarToys who had to send the module to VAISTech(!!) for repair. Over a month later we still have no module. It was under warranty at the time. So, if you want to go the VAISTech route and you have a problem, don't expect to have a repair for at least a month. I'm told maybe next week we'll get the unit back. Not a good way to keep customers... Andy
  2. I am resurrecting an old thread because I am having problems with Vaistech warranty repairs. We have a different Lexus but the dealer had CarToys install the Vaistech SLX with an Audiovox XM receiver. The Vaistech died and it turns out that even under warranty you can't just get a replacement. The Vaistech module must be sent to Vaistech for "repair". I'm picturing some guy in the backroom who slowly solders each component one by one - come on, no one really believes there is a repair going on just a replace. So, over a month later we're still without XM. Something to think about before buying the Vaistech devices. Andy
  3. I've read some discussions about a new exterior appearance for the 2004 LS-430, but I was wondering if anyone had any insight into the interior/exterior changes that can be expected? Most of the details in the article talked about new headlamps and all wheel drive. Thanks Andy
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