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  1. In the past when this problem occurred, I removed the meter, but didn't open it. I thought maybe it would have been a connection problem, so I removed it and reinstalled it. I even tapped on it lightly. I'm going to be very happy when I ever figure this out. For the last month or so, I haven't been working on the issue. Maybe something or someone will shed some light soon....
  2. Well, I finally installed a brand new fuel sending unit and the fuel indicator still reads improper. I disconnected the connector and of course when I switch the key on, the needle is reading close to empty (approximate mileage indicator shows low fuel). I guess next I will focus towards the cluster........
  3. Good info, but I need instructions for a '98 LS400 for removal of the instrument cluster...
  4. Thanks for the info. I just posted about your topic...
  5. I'm thinking it's the cluster too because the temp gauge needle is higher than normal, RPM gauge sticks sometimes for minutes, the speedometer needle sticks sometimes for minutes, as well as the crazy fuel gauge needle not accurately measuring the fuel inside the tank. Any info on how to remove and replace the cluster, get a new one, etc.???
  6. All the needles are acting up on the instrument panel. The temperature is reading above normal ops temp, the speedometer sticks at zero until I drive for a while as well as the tachometer needle. It sticks at zero for a few seconds or so then it jumps up. Same problem exists with the fuel needle gauge as before. When the tank is empty, the needle is a little below half-tank. I'm thinking it's the instrument panel. Any inputs and if it's the panel, anyone have instructions on how to remove it?
  7. As it appears, it's not hard to replace, but once I begin the maintenance, I'll see. Replacing the sending unit isn't hard at all. You just have to disconnect two electrical wires and remove 6 bolts and washers. I've replaced the sending unit, but the problem still exists. I purchased a used fuel sending unit and the person I bought it from said it was operational. I either try more troubleshooting with another part or purchase a new fuel sending unit. Any suggestions?????
  8. As it appears, it's not hard to replace, but once I begin the maintenance, I'll see.
  9. Here's what I did a few minutes ago. I disconnected the sender unit wire that goes to the fuel indicator, then I started my car. It indicated like it should since I don't have much gas in it and the refuel soon light came on. When I reconnected the wire it still indicated as such, but when I turned the car off and restarted the car, the indicator went back to half tank reading....
  10. I took the green wire off and I think that goes to the pump perhaps? I say this because the car was about to cut off and I reconnected it. I'm assuming the other wire goes to the sender unit for proper indication.
  11. Thanks for the info. The trunk slamming and the knocking on the fuel tank didn't fix the problem. I will look into the sender unit. I am having various issues all at the same time with this car. I still love it, but working on each problem....
  12. I will try that. When my tank is empty, the fuel indicator is at the half tank mark. Like I said, I'll try that and see what happens....
  13. I have a 98 LS400 with approx 198K miles. About a month ago, I filled my car up with gas and the needle went beyond the full mark that it never been before. I thought that was strange, so after driving 130 miles, the fuel indicator still indicated FULL. That's when I figured I had an issue. I still have the issue. I monitor my fuel by approx. miles on the instrument panel. Anyone have ideas on how to fix this problem??
  14. I did clean both oil control valves and the chamber. I was thinking next maybe the VVT solenoid or something relating to the CAM position. Yesterday, I disconnected the ECU and the VSC units and all the lights went out. Today, the check engine light came back on. The VSC light remains out at this time. What issues were you having with your car???
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