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  1. The difference between the drive belts and the timing belt wear is that the drive belts crack/split the timing belt wear is measured in thickness, and yes it can over time wear to the point that it can actually skip teeth on the cam gears and cause the engine to be mis-timed. I have also seen timing belts go completly out. Those vehicles were in excess of 140k on the original timing belt. Having done hundreds of these services i would say that your timing belt should have very little wear on it,despite being an 02. If you know anyone that is someone of a "shade tree mechanic" they can check the condition of your timing belt in about 5 mins. simply remove a few of the upper timing belt cover bolts and take a look...
  2. i agree w/ the above post. But for the time being, have autozone clear the code, see if it comes back. If it does then you have two options. 1 being the post cat oxygen sensor (easy fix) or being the cat itself for that bank. U would need to be able to look at live data to be able to tell which one is to blame. If that is not an option then u will have to guess, i would start w/ the cheeper of the two being replacing the o2 sensor then clearing the mil. gl w/ fix
  3. have u ever had the timing belt replaced?