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  1. It's a bummer but its time to simplify life and get rid of some cars. One of which is a 2008 Launch Edition LS600hl w 96k miles. I had bought it used about 6 years ago for my Dad who loved the new LS and whose 1990 LS400 was getting way past its prime. He's past his prime now and no longer drives. I also am selling a 2012 Prius Plug IN Advanced and possibly a unique Meyers Manxter (one that was actually built and owned by Bruce Meyers himself). I know these forums usually have a place to put cars for sale but I haven't found it and there are no moderators on line right now. Would also appreciate any input on places to sell unique cars as I haven't sold a car in ages. We still have an RX350, GX470 and Toyota Mirai and a Ford pickup, and I'm following the Lexus LC500h and LS FC for the future too. The LS600hl is already up on ebay - shouldn't be hard to find if you're interested. Best OldnSlow