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  1. I have 2007 RX400h and I have successfully been able to burn MP3 music CDs with iTunes and have them played with my onboard Gen 5 Nav/Audio system, but I have not been able to get the Nav/Audio system to play MP3 music from the DVDs that I burned. Has anyone been able to do this or is this a known limitation of the system?
  2. Does anyone know if the Lexus RX Cargo Net Spider fits in the 2007 RX 400h? Ref.: I'm only seen references to the 2010-11 models, but my 2007 RX 400h seems to have the same hooks in the trunc...
  3. I have also spent a lot of time visiting the vendors websites and reading the different threads related to iPod/iPhone integration, but I'm still confused about something: - What are the adaptors that would allow me to listen to my live iPhone podcasts throught the car's speakers?
  4. I was planning on buying a pair of Michelin tires from COSTCO to fit my RX 400h, but they say that they won't sell me only 2 since this is an AWD vehicule... they will sell me only 4! Even though 2 of my tires are still almost brand new...! Has anyone experienced this and managed to convince COSTCO to sell them only 2 tires for an RX 400h AWD?