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  1. Just got two new front tires over the weekend and after waiting 3 hrs Discount Tires informed me the tires I purchased were not in stock so they put two loaner tires in while they waited for mine to come in. I went back yesterday to have them put on and they informed me that both my front rims were cracked and needed to be replaced. The cracks are visible and I'm not sure how they did not see them two days earlier when they first replaced the tires and since I did not drive anywhere I'm pretty sure they cracked them because the breaks are almost identical but after arguing with the manager over it for about 45min there is no way to prove they cracked them and they will not replace them. The dealer here in Houston quoted $609 per tire which is crazy...anyone know a good place to get some OEM rims. I have attached a picture of the rims I'm looking for. Bruce