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  1. Hey guys. New to sight. Had an 92 SC about 5 years ago but sold it. Dumb move. Miss it. Thinking of buying a 98 model. This is a great site to share info and view photos of rides. When I get it I'll show some picks.

  2. Exactly the kind of look I'm looking for. Clean and sassy. What were the size rims and tires. Thanks
  3. Nice ride buddy. Thinking of getting an 98. Wheels look real good. I noticed on your picture with the nav, there was no knob for the volume control. Is there a place you can by the plastic housing for the console minus the radio knob?
  4. Hey guys, new to the club. Thinking of buying a 98 SC with the nak system. Has anyone with the stock system had install an AUX cable for iPod or xm radio? I was wondering how clear the music would be . I have a small truck with aftermarket Sony radio with my portable xm plugged into the aux. Sounds great. Trying to keep car original. Thanks.
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