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  1. Has this happened to anyone? paid 1064 to fix at Midas :chairshot: : oxygen sensor(3rd replaced) tune up gasket change 1/6 cylinders oh and my radio display is not doing it's that a fuse or wiring? Tired of seeing 1 number for a 3 digit radio station
  2. Thank you! Maaco said 1000 for new paint and to fix it but I wanted to fix it myself because it needs to be shaved down but it sounds ridiculous to pay 1000 to fix it on a car that has 106000 miles
  3. New here and posted a topic please respond!

  4. The plastic panels on the doors!Does anyone know if you can buy them? And if you can where? Someone hit my car in a parking lot and I don't know who did it so I have to pay for it myself. Oyster Pearl 97 ES300 all stock
  5. I had the same problem and it wasn't the battery. I went to Pepboys and they said it was a fuse and I had to eventually change the battery to so get ready to fork over a lot of money! But take it to a mechanic and see how much they say I paid 400 with the tow, service and multiple batteries and oxygen sensor 97 Es300 Oyster Pearl
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