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  1. Check with your local dealer, usually they have mobile paint services come to the lot to do minor work on their pre-owned cars, and usually they are pretty affordable. I would guess by the looks of the picture you can get that done for around $200 or even less. It definitely is too big to use touch up paint though.
  2. It has to be installed at the factory, it would be nice if it was a port-installed option or something that could be added at the dealership, but unfortunately it isn't.
  3. For some reason I don't think it's allowed?
  4. I will tell you that the dynamic cruise w/pre-collission is very hard to come by. Not 100% sure if you were misled, but I do know in our region Lexus does not build many vehicles with that option. I just had to special order a RX with that option and it will take 3/4 months to get. Not sure why they don't put it on there vehicles, but did a national search and only one other car within 1000 miles had it, and I'm assuming that was a special order also. If you were looking to take advantage of end of year savings, and tax benefits there is no way they could of located that vehicle in that short period of time. That particular add-on is not part of any package and is stand alone. So from the dealer stand point, and the sales person your particular LX is "Loaded", in fact that is probably the only option your LX doesn't have...which like I said, is very rare without special order.
  5. Anyone have tips or tricks to make syncing the droid to bluetooth a little easier? It seems to be a big pain in the butt during delivery, and was just wondering if anyone has had issues and if so what you did to resolve it, or if you found a trick to make it easier?
  6. As the economy starts turning your gonna see the rates start to increase at all levels...Probably end up around the 4.9% range, but hey back in the 80's good rates were 10-12%.... :cries: Just my prediction anyway.
  7. Hey everyone, Lexus just announced 3.9% for 60 Months on all Certified Pre-owned in our area, and 1.9% on IS and ES models for 48 months. Just thought I would pass the word out if anyone was in search of a pre-owned Lexus. As always, you can contact me if you are in the area or looking for something specific that we might have.
  8. Glad to hear you found a very honest dealer. Manheim is totally legit, as I was the used car director for a pretty big auto group. There is nothing wrong with showing a customer what dealers are paying for the cars as long as the customer understands that they ARE going to make a profit 99% of the time. I also work for a very highly regarded Lexus dealer in the Cleveland/Akron area if anyone on here needs info.
  9. Do you have a cell phone charger or something similar plugged into one of the aux. outlets? We had an issue at the dealer where we had a radio with bad static issues and it was a cheap usb converter that was plugged in to one of the outlets.
  10. The Droid has a very hard time syncing with the Lexus navigation system...if you over look one step, you have to start all over. I would recommend if you are having a hard time syncing a droid to your navigation or bluetooth to swing by the local dealer and have someone that does it frequently help you.
  11. Hey everyone...I'm new to the forums here, but look forward to getting insight from Lexus owners and how they enjoy the vehicles. I am a sales associate for a Lexus dealer in the Cleveland area and am cruising through here to see if I can help anyone, or get feedback on how to improve, or maybe even earn a customer or two... :) Feel fee to ask any questions you might have and I'll do my best to answer them. I also just started a blog that I will update a few times a week with information about Lexus. You can check that out HERE Have a great day and look forward to great insight!!
  12. Hello everyone, I am a sales and leasing consultant for Lexus of Akron/Canton and would be more than happy to assist you with any questions you might have!