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  1. hello guys please advise i have a 98 Lexus es300 i have been having a couple of problem with it recently. 1st the rear lights went out and it turned out to be the 10Amp fuse but it has gone out three times i have replaced it. 2nd i have noticed allot of vibration and have replaced the spark plugs to iridium champion. with no resolution to the vibration 3rd the transmission has been killing me. when ever i put the car in reverse or drive the car starts vibrating. 4th when i put the in reverse or drive and turn on the headlights the reverse light illuminates as well as the drive light but he reverse light is brighter then all the lights even when in drive. the car also starts shifting very rough around 3rd and fourth gear and shifts really hard in to fourth gear at 45 but when i turn off the headlights the problems goes away and it shifts a little more smoothly. please help