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  1. Lex GS 2001 I've seen different exhaust tips and wheels on this 2001 GS, or is this what is standard? If not, can anyone tell me which wheels these are from? And are those chrome tips? The others one their inventory just look so blah compared to these. Or am I missing something?
  2. Thanks for the advice. I also came across a few more examples on Craigslist, the first was from Autotrader: '95 GS300, 160K miles, seller asking $2500 (I have had this car garaged packed for 4 years(work overseas), drove it few times this year good motor, A/C blow cold, leather interior, new tires. Just needs painting job ready to drive.) Parenthesis are what the seller stated in the ad. '94 GS300 200K, asking $1700, (looks good runs good. clean inside out) Parenthesis are what the seller stated in the ad. And '94 GS300, $2600, mileage unlisted, seller says, Car runs and drives good. I boug
  3. Hello all! New member here! I go by my nick, FireFrost, or Frosty for short! How's everyone doing? I may be a first time Lexus owner ('95 GS300) but we'll see. I already posted up a topic in the GS forum about it. How's everyone doing? :)
  4. Hello all! I'm rather new to the board, been lurking somewhat, but I've come across a Lexus for sale that I've wanted for a while. It's a '95 GS300 with 248K on the odometer. The seller is asking $2895 and I am in need of a new vehicle, so I figured why not get what I want? NADA placed it at $4500 - $4900 so I am thinking maybe it's a good deal? But, I am wary since the mileage is so high. I am hopeful though for the Lexus bullet proof reliability, but any thoughts? Is this something I should go for or hang back and wait? I saw on MSN reliability ratings, for the '95 Lex and up are infrequent
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