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  1. Update... I got the tires balanced at discount tire. Vibrations still persisted. So i was sure that I had a bent wheel or worse. I was just about to swap out the spare for each wheel and use the process of elimination when i passed by another discount tire this morning on the way home. I thought what the hell--might as well see what they say. I explain the situation that i recently had the tires balanced at another store and suspected a bad wheel, and asked if they wouldn't mind checking into it. 20 minutes later, the guy returns and tells me all the tires were still out of balance by about .5 an ounce. also, they have a machine that can tell whether or not a wheel is bent. anxiously, took it on a test drive and THE VIBRATION IS GONE! yay. this made my day. when you turn this car very sharply like for a u-turn, it does sort of a crabwalk deal which i found very disconcerting and raised my suspicions that there was a deeper underlying suspension issue. i found a post that said this is normal. i feel said fact is FAQ worthy. i've seen some other vibration issues posted here. is it premature to say that these cars are highly tuned thus more sensitive to tire balance issues? anyways, thanks for the support!
  2. thank you gentlemen for the recommendations and warm welcome.
  3. hi, i just bought my first 'old man' cruiser. previously owned cars in order: (s2000, is300 wagon, e46 m3, honda prelude, e36 m3, nissan maxima, mk1 mr2, fiero). i gotta tell you. i'm loving the soft/easy ride and finding it difficult to get into the is300 or s2000 this first week. its an '06 and came with 41K miles, black on black, no UL, but does have the mark levison sound. i've been super happy with it so far. It does have a bit of a vibration when going 60+mph which i'm hoping an alignment and tire balance will remedy. cheers- eugene
  4. I was wondering if anyone has successfully swapped the yellow LEDs with the newer white/blue variety found on the IS250/350s.
  5. Hi, Proud owner of a new '06 LS430. I just noticed tonight, that the bottom part of the front doors seem to not exactly sit flush with the body of the car. Maybe its just the lighting since the car is pretty dirty right now, but just thought i'd see if this may be a common issue. thx -E