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  1. I replaced the torsion bars which are on the left & right sides under the car forward of the firewall. Also had to replace most rubber hoses, especially the fuel tank to keep from throwing codes. If you buy new front brakes, get racing matched, drilled, slotted & replace pads & rotors. Don’t buy factory brakes. I also had to fix my door speakers & the sub woofer behind the back seat. There’s good info on this site how to do that. My DVD player has gone south. Timing chain & water pump are probably due. I put in a n
  2. I agree with ppine. Also, front brakes rotors/pads. Matched, drilled, slotted racing available online. Total installed parts & labor by a mobile mechanic $300. Do not have done at Lexus dealerships. Same for TB & water pump.
  3. Personally I wouldn’t worry about lugging the engine. The automatic transmission will downshift & prevent any lugging. I get 25-29mpg on the highway. Also, running premium is a waste of money (in case you’re interested) I run mid grade. I’m at 5000’ elevation, so I could probably run 87 instead of 89. The engine never pings. I have 140,000 miles on my SC430. It runs like new. Burns no oil. The engine is bulletproof.
  4. I would just charge it up & start it once a week as was suggested. Drive it around the block. Draining a battery is actually good for the battery as long as you charge it back up soon.
  5. I installed a Kenwood D770 with SXM. The FM antenna goes up every time I turn on the radio, so I installed a switch to remove its ground except when I want FM. I have no reception problem with it. It goes full up when I switch it on. No variable height as described by previous member. As described by previous member there are 2 antenna inputs. I used the one that fit the back motorized antenna. I didn't plug in the other.
  6. I bought Michelin Pilot run flats. A set of 4 was about $120 total more than the non run flat equivalent. Other option is to try the mini spare kit or AAA roadside service. I chose the run flat option & am quite happy with the performance. Quiet & nice ride. Also, the TIre Pressure Monitor was really put in this car because of the run flat tires. I have one in my Tacoma & it serves no useful purpose except false alarms in very cold weather.
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