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  1. Hi everyone, There is a wealth of information on this forum thanks to the savvy GS owners and sharing their info. I have a 2006 GS 430 with an extended factory warranty that I bought from Lexus - 7yr /100,000 miles. My car is seldom used as it has only 14,200 miles. Yeah, the dealership can't believe either. Recently I had the Lexus dealership perform the following Campaign's: 1) rack and pinion steering and 2) rear brake caliber. My question is what is this TSIB about regarding the differential fluid. Also, are there any more TSIB's I should have done? (Creaks and rattles I've fixed myself) TSIB DL001-07 (2004–2005 LEXUS GS 300, 2004–2006 LS 430, 2004–2007 GS 430, SC 430); REAR DIFFERENTIAL OIL SPECIFICATION CHANGE Toyota Genuine Differential Synthetic Gear Oil (P/N 08885–02406) has been discontinued and replaced with a NEW oil, Toyota Genuine Differential Synthetic Gear Oil (P/N 08885–02506). When filling differential oil on the models listed below, use the revised Toyota Genuine Differential ... Thanks, Ds