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  1. I purchased this car when it was about 165K miles about 18 months back. It runs super. I am not sure what kind of any major preventive maintenance work I need to get done for this car at this point. Is there anything related to transmission, engine (tune up perhaps?), wheel alignment? or anything at all I need to get done at this point? The only maintenance I get done is to get the oil changed regularly. It runs smooth, no problems whatsoever. But I am concerned if I should do something more at this mileage. Any suggestions or advice is most welcome. I do plan on keeping this car in as much
  2. How do I check to find out if mine is a Pioneer system or some other make?
  3. Thanks for your detailed post here. You are right, the dealer I bought from asked me to buy a new system from him altogether and said they dont replace the LCD screen only! Naturally, I refused. I dont know if my system is Pioneer or not, how do I find that out?
  4. Yes. The LCD screen is blank, I cant see anything on it. I am just using the controls based on what I remember from reading the instruction manual. Are you refering to the LCD screen ?
  5. Hello Lexus Clubbies: I have a 99 GS300 with 150K miles, bought it from a Lexus dealer at 147k miles. So far going great. I noticed when I first shift transmission in the morning (cold start) or whenever the car has been sitting for several hours and I start, the transmission makes a slight 'thud' sound when I shift to D mode, or R Mode. This does not happen after the car warms up an hour or so later in driving. Rest of the time, when I shift, I dont feel anything meaning it is quite silent and smooth. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this? Your comments and experiences would be
  6. I have a 2000 GS300, the audio display screen is blank, but the Audio system works great. Its a Lexus factory system. Does anyone know if I can replace the only the display screen only or do I do have to buy a new audio system altogether? Pls advice. Sunman
  7. Thank you, dcfish! Yes, this does seem to a good forum. I am looking to getting to know your forum members more.
  8. Howdy: I just bought used a Lexus GS300, 1999 model, it has 147K miles. This is my first Lexus, I was going to buy a Merc, but got scared by the high and unpredictable maintenance costs and complaints I read on KBB and elsewhere. One of the reasons I bought Lexus is it seems more reliable and less day to day maintenance, most owners seem to be happy with their Lexus cars. So far, I love my car! I like the quite drive, the Lexus speakers seem to produce crisp and clear and sound (didnt expect that from a factory based system), interior is squeaky clean for 147K miles. I find the ride feels
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