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  1. Learn a lesson here. Different cars have different lug nut torque requirements. Generally the more lugs a car has the lower the torque is for the same weight car and wheel. Alloy wheels require lower torque, than do steel wheels generally. If you over tighten or worse unevenly tighten lug nuts you can warp rotors, damage bearings, hubs, and braking systems, even possibly crack a wheel. My old 90 Jetta GLI with alloy wheels was supposed to be at 140 ft/lbs, The LS400 with alloy wheels is supposed to at 76 ft/lb (I believe). The only way to correctly torque these things is with a calibrated to
  2. Don't be modest---everyone on these boards know you are the guru. :P
  3. SW03ES, I knew after I posted that I would draw your ire. I just don't want people to think that by hand washing their car they will never scratch it, or damage the paint. Honestly every time you wash a car you will damage the finish to some extent no matter who you are. The key is to minimize the damage through technique and experience. Little things like making sure your buckets are 100% clean, using soft water that is poured on rather than sprayed, using natural lambs wool wash mitts, not using harsh detergents, using drying towels made of a high pile 100% cotton (no polyester stitching
  4. # 1 the darker the color the more easily you are going to notice paint blemishes # 2 Automatic Brushless washes use such high preassure that they will strip parts of your car off (pinstripes. molding, even paint (I have had more than one rock chip double or triple in size in one of these things.) # 3 Brushless washes will scratch finishes if there is enough grit on your car # 4 Touch washes will of course also damage paint # 5 Many cars have a glaze put on as a final coat after painting/clearing. On any paint job that needs a hand touchup with a wheel to decrease orange peel or other unav
  5. The problem for me is when in NYC type traffic I often don't have the luxurary of leaving myself any buffer in my driving style. When this does happen it takes an extra foot or two to stop, and that has on many occasions made for a panic. I only hit one guy, in a Merc, and thankfully he didn't care. I had just assumed it was brake/gas interference (i.e. I mistakenly clip the gas pedal when I am on the brake). Problem is I am not the only person to have this problem in my car. Everyone that drives it for any time comes back and says to me "I almost rearended some one." It may just be th
  6. I actually did break mine using the "pull harder" mantra. I was doing everything correctly, except for having the ashtray open at the time of extraction. Broke the latch that held it in. So after trying to jbweld, than buying a scroll saw and trying to make a new one, I broke down and bought a juncker off of e-bay for $25 and now it is back to new. Lesson---Make sure the ashtray is open first!
  7. here is the old post
  8. There was a post a while back about unintentional surging of LS400 cars a while back. My car does this. It happens to me mostly when I try to brake at low speed at a stop light or sign. It tends to last 2-3 seconds, and happens more often in the summer, while I am in stop and go traffic. Scary :o
  9. there is however a minimum safe tire preassure (ala ford explorer), and a safe maximum preassure (on the sidewall).
  10. The tire pressure in the glovebox is the pressure that is required for the original equipment tire on that car. This pressure is the preassure which results in even wear of the tire at that load rating. There are almost always two pressures, one at "normal" load, and the other at high speed/max load. As both the speed and the weight on the tires goes up the tires heat up more and the structure of the tire becomes softer, requiring a higher pressure. The main reason that people increase the tire size is to increase the contact patch and have more grip. This would neccesitate a lowereing
  11. Hey Guys Maybe someone knows the answer to my questions! I was wondering what the little box is that is downstream of my subwoofer Amp? (If so how many watts at what resistance) A Crossover? (If so active or passive?, What frequency is the crossover point?) A combo. Let me know I would like to put a small powered sub in the car, in as hidden a way as possible.
  12. Here is my milage on my '90 LS Most of the miles are Highway with average speeds in the 80-100 MPH range :o (got a valentine one recently ) Miles/Gallons Range 18.00 404.92 22.26 500.74 22.47 505.49 23.26 523.24 23.40 526.60 21.66 487.35 20.99 472.23 24.43 549.72 22.01 495.27 21.07 474.02 21.54 484.55 20.98 472.09 19.23 432.66 20.09 452.01 19.29 434.03
  13. Personally when I drive the my LS400 a long way, I always get a lower back ache, and aches in my knees, not so in any of my other cars. Sometimes it gets so bad I have to stop driving. ;)
  14. Does anyone know what company's paint lexus uses, or used on the '90 LS 400?
  15. Using my boss's $300 HVLP Sata. I talked to a paint guy at a local body shop and he said he always has to tint the base coat a little brown or yellow, to get the paint to match. He says he always has to fight with the Toyota Pearl Whites, as they are never right from the paint code. No rattle cans here big jzz30 Actually my first repair was a small scratch in the hood, I tried to airbrush the paint on, and made an abortion of it. So now I have to do the whole hood and the pasenger side dogleg. Tricoats are just a pain in the butt. I will get a single coat on all my cars from now on.
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