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  1. Ok. Expensive fix. Got thr parts saved 300 that way. Went for the lexus dealer for install and alignment and what else can I say other than amazing. Nice tight drive!
  2. Anyone know of a good independent shop that works on Lexus in the Chicago area that doesn't mind me bringing my own parts?
  3. Yah, I've come to the conclusion you get what you pay for sometime. I've emailed the Toyota dealer and asked for a refund for the alignment, they are usually pretty good with me when it comes to that. Lets see what they say. Lexus wants like 1400 for parts, labor, and full 4 wheel alignment for the shaft, joints, etc. I'm significantly debating now throwing more money into my car, if I had known this was going to be an issue I would not have changed all the other parts I changed by now. Gonna probably buy the parts at Sewell $431 for everything shipped and find an independent place to install it. Then suck it up and go for the Lexus alignment. Thanks everyone.
  4. Well took it to a second Lexus dealer, which was more fancy, pretty girls checking you in before you meet with the service advisor, very nice waiting room, heck they even had a lady giving a massage to someone there, I guess this is common at Lexus dealers, but I hadn't seen it before! Back to the problem at hand. Went for a drive with the technician. He said yes, the Intermediate steering shaft is making a clicking noise. Said it shouldn't be causing my problems though but says if I want then change the intermediate steering shaft, lower steering joint and do a four wheel alignment. He says the problem is probably caused by an alignment issue, I said I just had it done at the Toyota dealer. I saw a banner that said free alignment check on the wall, I said well give me that. Turns out there are also alignment issues It's only been a week, how can the alignment values be so off from a few days when I haven't even driven it that much? Anyway here are the scans of the alignment sheets. The one with the wheels is the one that was done at the toyota dealership last week and actually aligned. The ones with just the values is from the Lexus dealership alignment "check" only. Can't believe Toyota didn't even show the Caster. Any opinions what to do now, just do the alignment again or take it back to toyota and complain, the lexus alignment is like 170 for a full four wheel alignment. But if I decide to change the shaft joints it will need an alignment all over again. At this point I'm thinking just to change it all.
  5. Its getting worse and very very very sloppy I almost don't feel safe driving it. I hear this noise, video attached below, when I jiggle the steering wheel. I turned the car off so you could hear it better, and no its not because the steering wheel is locked, cuz its not locked. It makes the same noise when driving with the car on as well. is there another joint or something right behind the steering wheel? Video at this link
  6. Thanks. I just want to know if anyone has experience. The tech said there was "slight play". I want to know if "any play" is abnormal, and could be causing my symptoms of an un-tight steering feel. I spent so much and I would lose my mind if I spent more and this did not fix the situation :-( The lexus tech didn't seem too experienced, then again it seemed like all the cars they deal with were new cars, most people with high mileage cars don't come into the lexus dealer. Think I'll take it to a good alignment shop and get their opinion if this could be causing my symptoms etc.. thanks!
  7. Well he is talking about lower joint and upper joint. I believe one joint is in the lower yoke and one is in the shaft
  8. Thanks yah, I saw that on the sewell site, just curious about which ones it may be. 45260 and 45209 is what I was guessing, those are the ones?
  9. Well, pretty much what I figured. Will just state that was surprised by the dealership, they quoted 68 to look at it, didn't charge me anything in the end and I enjoyed the snacks and they even gave it a really good wash and I was out of there from start to finish in one hour. The technician came out and talked to me. He only drove it 1 mile back and forth and not at any speed so he didn't notice anything test driving it. Everything else was super tight like I said, nothing was missed, which I knew because I'm not totally silly. His final call: "Some clicking felt in steering while turning wheel". "Slight play in steering shaft u-joints lower and top" Said there was play for sure but not a lot. But I don't think there should be any play and this play upon driving especially at higher speeds will become more noticeable. He didn't give me the exact part numbers but the quote said like this below, if someone can guide me to a diagram which parts he was referring to, ie bottom and lower Steering Lower Joints 309.68 Upper Shaft 737.13 Alignment: 134.95 I'm assuming that is with parts and labor. He said there was literally nothing else left that would be causing the problems and if I really felt there was an issue (which I do), then this is the only thing that would be causing it maybe. I said I would replace just the bottom one since its the easiest to get to and he was like well, they both had the same amount of play. Comments on which exact two parts he was referring to? Thanks!
  10. Yes, that is what I figured because when I usually take my car to an alignment they usually call back that such and such part is not tight and has to be changed first, but that was another shop, this was a trusted Toyota dealer and its quite possible they just went through the motions. I'll let the Lexus dealer do the inspection and then get it taken elsewhere for repairs. My brother has a 95 model and I drove his LS back home last night from the dealer, he just bought a Mazda 3. His LS drove really tight and felt safe, almost felt bitter sweet that we have to let it go now, with all the issues it has still drove amazing. Thanks for the advice I'll follow back with what was found
  11. Not a write off at all just constructive banter elaborating on whats been done because it is hard for others to know without seeing the car in person or what has been done on it. I respect his answers and opinions and am picking his brain, I am not a car expert and I am learning by answering questions back to him. If you had something to add please do, and if he doesn't agree that is his choice. This is what a forum is for, not sure why you cannot comprehend.
  12. I have poured a LOT but I love my car, it is pristine.. and I haven't really poured all this money at one time, but the few things I did just because they needed done. Tires look good. I had them balanced a second time. I'm pretty skeptical its the tires but its possible, something to look at. I can't remember if the issue was still there before the tires or not because I changed the tires pretty much right after taking it out of storage since they were weather cracked like anything. And I'm sure if there was any problems with the wiggle test, they wouldn't have done an alignment. I'm almost feeling like it is a problem with the steering shaft and the joints associated, possible? Lexus dealer says half an hour labor to diagnose/inspect, and that is about 68 bucks. At this point almost worth it
  13. My 1996 Lexus LS400 was in storage for 10 months since I was out of the country (in a locked enclosed storage unit). Before storage, it literally drove like it was on railroad tracks, no vibration on the steering wheel whatsoever, no play in the steering wheel, it was TIGHT. Upon returning, the steering is sloppy. I can literally jiggle the steering wheel quite a bit left and right before feel any resistance and the car moves. ALSO, there is a vibration with the steering wheel, and I am having to CONSTANTLY make steering corrections to keep the car straight. ALSO, the car shakes on the interstate like there is a hurricane amount of wind outside, but there IS NO WIND! What I changed recently: 1. Brand new V-rated tires with correct tire pressure 29-30 all around 2. Changed the steering rack with an official lexus remanufactured unit since the previous one was leaking, NO CHANGE 3. Both upper ball joints were finished, changed both side upper control arms 4. I did a wheel balancing, no help at all 5. Did an alignment after changing the rack and ball joints, NO HELP. 6. All 4 ends have brand new original Lexus shocks with new mounts 7. Both front lower ball joints are new 8. Both front strut rods are new I'm at a loss here. A video is attached, (ignore the music, sorry for the vertical video) some may think this jiggling is normal but its not, there is ZERO response from the car to this amount of jiggling. Actually if I hold it tight and straight, the car acts like it still wants to go its own way =( Check out this video on YouTube:
  14. Just get the strong arm ones on amazon, a lot cheaper and TONS of lifting force!!!
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