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  1. when ever the check engine light is on, the ECU turns off the VSC system so the VSC light is on. If you fix the problem " like the sensor " and clear the check engine light, the VSC light will turn off and will be activated again in most cases.
  2. It sounds like your bad battery had bad cell which drains battery at night. As soon as you jump started it , battery is started to recharged and when you arrive to dealer , you dont have a fully but some charged battery.when it is tested probably it was in specs so they ve called it was a good battery. There wasnt any misdiagnose at this point, dealer should ask you to leave the vehicle overnight and test the vehicle in the morning when it was cold, most of the time if the battery is really bad it fails at that time.
  3. ATF is called WS ATF on newer vehicles and it is lifetime, unless you do drain fluid or repair sth with tranny.
  4. Hi, 92LS400 should have a miles on that. If the ATF hasnt replaced for along time, new ATF should washed all the seals in tranny and that may causing the leaks. How did you changed the ATF? drain/refill or flushed system? what type of ATF is used? You should drain the ATF in a clean bucket and inspect the color and smell also check if any particles in it. put 2qt of dextron 3(check the manual for the right type), and check trany operation. good luck
  5. Hi, it looks like, oil and/or filter have never been done for along time. or low quality oil or wrong viscosity oil is used for a long time. To fix your problem, I would recommend you replace oil pump, pick up screen,valve covers, valve stem caps. before replacing all these, you should wash the engine with pressure brake clean fluid or hot water. you can try to wash engine with either fluid when the lower oil pan is removed and seal it and put 5.5 qts ATF (dexron mercon 3 has detergents )and run vehicle 1-2 hours or use gunk engine sludge removal or diesel fuel to clean engine, replace oil and filter again. if you dont have blue smoke coming from exhaust your vehicle will be as good as before. good luck