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  1. A new one is your only choice at the moment. Or a junk yard one. Several of them have been replaced on both the regular and the L version.
  2. have them check for service bulletins and also have them document the concern for the fuutre
  3. The fan is controlled by a solenoid in the power steering pump. When there is a demand for cooler air the solenoid allows maximum pressure to the fan to turn it harder and faster, like in traffic or stop lights. Check your fluid in the power steering reservoir and also observe the fan speed. If it is not working or going faster, jump the pins E and FB and you should see the fan spin faster. if that does not happen there is a problem with either the solenoid or wiring.
  4. that piece is part of the headlight assembly and your cheaper option would be a junk yard.
  5. check the lemon law in your state and see if it applies since the third repair attempt has been made and documented.Sounds like there is a problem with the car and I dont think you want to own it out of warranty.
  6. Hi ED, They are correct but from my experience if your car has over 100,000 miles and/or if the pump is making noise, you are better off with a new one..
  7. No separate fuses for these items ,the bulbs are probably just burnt out.