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  1. Check www.nadaguides.com Mine with 400k said it was worth $9k
  2. I have one with 411k.That one is pretty sweet I would love to have a supercharger.I believe all major components are bullet proof.
  3. You cam get replacement led ones.The small ones are 4mm and large are 5mm.You can get them in green.The old bulbs have a green plastic sleeve over them.I may try to pull the old bulbs out and try to replace them with led bulbs from Radio Shack. http://www.superbrightleds.com/cgi-bin/store/index.cgi?action=DispPage&Page2Disp=%2Fspecs%2FNEO.htm
  4. I have the same problem so I looked into it.First pull the panel with the hvac. Remove the five screws on back The black circles on the back of the circuit board are the bulbs and just twist out There are 2 different size bulbs
  5. I just had to replace all 4 bulbs.Very disappointed on how dim they are
  6. Not true.There are glass polishing kits you can get for headlights and windshields.
  7. Or put a clear laminate on them
  8. The red buttons you see are the tabs you need to pry up.Best thing to use is a trim tool
  9. This happens intermittently.Any Ideas of the cause.Thanks?
  10. I just did a HID headlight conversion.Will do fogs later.I also added a Hotshot washer fluid heater.Highly recommended.