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  1. I purchased my 1992 ES300 about 7 years ago from a friend of a friend who buys and sells impound auto's from auction I knew of the Lexus/Toyota line and just respect the safety and engineering, a superb automobile. I purchased it for 2,000 dollars, mileage being high around 160-170 thousand Took it in for servicing replaced all essentials, tune up,timing belt plugs ect. (Johns Import Automotive) cost 1,300 bucks Other work I have done myself: Shift cables needed to be replaced-common indicator was It wouldn't go into gear cables where stretched and frayed-(Dealer Part cost 240.00 each) replaced the intake hose to throttle body from mass airflow sensor-45.00 (ebay) later had problem with racing idle fluctuations sticking, Online research saved me thousand bucks buddy- replaced the mass airflow sensor and the throttle position sensor (wrecking yard-75.00 and some change) At this point in time I have an estimate for 3,300 bucks to rebuild the entire suspension, Most would trash this car and buy a new one I am just to old to tear it apart and do that major work, so It's only money right!. Point is Car runs good too good to have a yard come and get it, also it does sport the rare manual 5 speed option, giving you the ability to grab that power when you want it. I have managed to make the car run better than the day I brought it home, So for me it's acually easier to work on than some other's just gotta find resources to save cash and find info to help you get through it.
  2. I had problems with missing, had it serviced they found a bad injector they replaced it with a reman, problem solved