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  1. Hi all - seeking opinions on how to shut off or reset the tire pressure warning light for the second set of tires. Second set of snow tires are on a second set of rims with no TPMS in them. This light should never have gone off since the switch was never registered or initialized on the second toggle. For the first 2-3K miles everything worked great then the warning light came on when my speed exceeded 80 MPH. To correct, I simply toggled the switch from the first set back to the second and the low tire pressure warning light went off. Just the first time.... Another road trip, car exceeded the same MPH, now this time the tire pressure warning light will not go off or reset itself. Local Lexus dealer claims the spare in the trunk has zero effect on this warning and if I toggle the switch too much, the light will stay on. Any thoughts?
  2. The first service bulletin (SB) was to repair the awful sounding screech coming from the front brake. With 37k miles on the car, none of the brakes should be squeaking. The service bullion covered new rotors, brake pads and shims for the entire front of the car. The second SB was related to a “crackle noise” which emitted from the engine for about 1-2 seconds when the engine turned over usually in the morning. I don’t have the dealership paperwork in front of me with the exact description of service, but I believed they replaced cam shaft injectors and related parts. My dealership had not ordered the parts prior to the car’s drop off, so it took a day just to receive the parts, the 3 additional days for the remainder of the repairs. Not sure why took this process took so long. Although I did ask how many engine spring repairs they had completed prior to mine and they replied 10-12. So it could be due to "carefulness" since the technician may not have had a lot of practical experience. The dealership did mention the techniciation HAD TO BE certified and had been specially trained to work on the engine spring repair. I didn’t pay a penny and was glad to have the part replaced.
  3. Installation of aftermarket DVD/GPS and the entire bells-and-whistles- receiver in a GS350 which never originally had one to begin with. After purchasing my 2007 GS 350 I now decided to upgrade to an aftermarket DVD/GPS/back-up camera etc receiver. I had thought this would have been an easier task, but all I hear is that Lexus has proprietary systems which makes adding on mounting kits, adaptors, harnesses very challenging. My local audio shops are very hesitant and even informed me to go to a larger market (city) for more experienced installers. Even Crutchfield and other reputable companies can’t find solutions. What are some solutions....………………………… Does anyone know of any installers in the Chicago, Indianapolis or Cincinnati area who are competent to handle this?
  4. Just had mine completed a few weeks ago along with two other service bulletins. A four day repair but they gave me a loaner. My car runs smoother.