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  1. I need help finding a long term solution to this. My 2007 RX 400h's ignition key would not turn to start the car and it happens too many times. It started about a year ago. Before that, I did not have this problem. Now I am pretty good at unlocking it since I had to deal with it at least 10 times. It takes me a long time to unlock it, at least 10 to 15 minutes, however, it unlocks eventually. I never know when it might happen. I wiggle the key, turn the steering wheel back and forth while I step on the brake. I took it to my dealership and they could not find anything wrong with it. They just said it is an anti-thief feature and I should not turn my front wheels too much while I park the car. This problem drives me crazy because it happens too many times randomly. I find myself stuck in the car trying to unlock it while I am in a hurry to go some where. Is there any way I can disable this anti-thief mechanism? I would rather not have this feature than deal with it so often. This happened again this afternoon at a shopping mall while I was alone. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME.