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  1. Yes IT IS A DESIGN FLAW. I kept one bag only NOT FULL OF BAGS lol. Besides it's not the bag that jammed the door, it's something plastic like the CD boxes. Well unless you leave it empty, then it won't jam at all. My old Camry console opens up vertically NOT SLIDE OPEN and it NEVER jammed. Talked to my dealer and they admitted the sliding was a headache to them. This is definitely not a day-to-day problem but it will happen to anyone. Just don't say you aren't warned when this happened.
  2. Thank goodness. I solved my own problem by using a hanger and some tape. But it was still hours of painful work (both hands are now bruised) and lots of patience to loosen it up. You also need a lot of luck. Just everyone remember NOT to crowd the centre console box. The slide to open is a design flaw.
  3. I was stupid trying to squeeze in my cup holder divider (that I have removed) into the centre console box of my 2010 Lexus E350. In fact it was not crowded but there was a Subway plastic bag that expanded a bit causing the cup divider to jam the sliding centre console box. Now it can only slide open an inch and jammed completely. Is that any other way to open the centre console before I bring it to the dealer?