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  1. I have owned a 1997 Lx450 for approximately 5 years now. I love my truck. When i bought it, it had a 3-4 lift on it already. I just purchased some used GX 470 rims cause i know they woould fit. The only issue i have is that the center caps do not fit becasue the hubs on my LX450 stick out too much. Does anyone have any ideas as to modify it so that it will fit? Would the use of spacers help? I really like the look ofthe rims but don't likethe hubs exposed.
  2. I bought a set of gx 470 rims for my 1997 Lx450. I bought new tires as well. I put some 285/70/17 on these rims. When they were mounted they said they could put the center caps back on? The center caps do not fit overthe hubs. Can anyonegive me some advice as to what to do to make them fit?