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  1. Thanks for the reply. Now that I've had it a minute I understand the problem a little better. Definitely seems like the power steering pump. Unfortunately I'll just have to stick it out a minute, as I just spent all my money on this broken car. :(
  2. HI FOLKS. Just bought a 94 SC300 yesterday with 144k miles for $3000. I didn't have a chance to thoroughly test drive it before buying, but the paint is brand new and the car is clean as hell so I just fell in love. But I am now noticing a problem. Driving in the 35 - 45 mph range, the steering will temporarily become less responsive, causing the car to understeer. The alignment is pretty bad. But I think this is something else, I'm guessing the steering rack, maybe even the tie rods. Has this ever happened to anyone? Is it easy to DIY replace the rack and tie rods? Could it be something else???? ANY INSIGHT MUCH APPRECIATED!!