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  1. Hey lexus owners. i was wondering if there are any lexus meets in southern cali, in oc to be more specific. help me out. or if any1 is down to meet up. i always like meeting people with an sc.
  2. hey man. i say put the car up for at least 5. when i got my 92 sc300 i paid 4800. trust me, be patient with it and someone will buy it for that price.
  3. ok dude the same thing happend to me. if your stuck outside your car then you want to call AAA or a towing truck to come and open the door. tell them that they need to use the airbag. their going to create a space big enough to stick a rod inside your car and pull the door handle to open your car. then what your going to want to do is take off ur door panel. look up inside to where the door handle is at but dont touch anything yet. make sure u see the door handle from the inside. look for a plastick piece stuck to a rod. if its not there then look down in the door. it might have fallen down. the little plastic piece is the thing ur replacing. this took me an hour to fix with trying to figure it out. almost forgot. the piece on the driver door is white if i remember correctly. and the passenger side is yellow. there sould be a rod thats loose. the rod is suppose to be connected to the door handle from the inside and the piece is what keeps it connected. there's a hole on the door handle and the plastic piece is suppose to go into the hole then the rod. holla back if u have any questions
  4. Sweet thanks dude. that link u posted really helped even though they didnt make any for my 92 sc300. but i know know how to find it. thanks again.
  5. hey everyone I'm Kenny from southern cali and new to owning a lexus and LOC as well. i have a 92 sc300 and i was wondering if anyone out there has ever tried to put in more cup holders. i was thinking of putting two in the back and 1 more in the front. if anyone has ever done it before or would know how to do. would you please help me out. your input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. hey whats up every1 just bought a 92' Lexus SC300. just wanted to I LOVE MY CAR!!! AND I KNOW ALL U LEXUS OWNERS DO TOO!!!
  7. was anything wrong with ur sc400 when u bought it?
  8. i new to this forum stuff and a new 92 lexus sc300 owner. thanks for the tips.
  9. whats up man, i just bought a 92' SC300 on 11/3/10. i just joined da club too.
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