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  1. How about getting one from a car wreckers ?
  2. Curious, I took delivery of my 2011 ES350, with the tire pressure at 36 psi (the dealership would have done a pre-delivery inspection and be aware of this ). I e-mailed about this, the Lexus concierge said a technician suggested better gas mileage and tire wear with this pressure. Since I like the way the car rides, I'll probably settle for 34 psi.
  3. Just took delivery of my 2011 Lexus ES350. Truffle Mica in colour, all in all a great car. Sold my 2001 Boxster S in August, and thought I would be mourning forever. Not so. The old bod likes the comfort of the new wheels. The interior is cream color. Got the navigation package, but stopped short of the top model. Have to draw the line somewhere. I hope to get info on various things, in particular, will I be able to update the navigation system myself ? I'll check the forum for previous posts.