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  1. I have 22's on my LS 460.. Granted with 22's you have a very low profile tire but the ride quality is not bad at all. The most important thing in my opinion is to purchase a good quality rim. If not when you're on the freeway going about 60-70, your car is gonna shake like crazy because cheap wheels hardly balance perfectly. Also 3 piece wheels as extremely high maintenance. I would stick with a one or two piece. I learned that the hard way! Hope this helps
  2. Hello Everyone I have a set of Auto Couture Districts. These wheels are extremely rare and retail for about $7500 new. In fact I have yet to see another set on any car or truck on the road or even at car shows. I had them custom built by Auto Couture so the offset is perfect if you plan on lowering your car. You will not have to get the fenders rolled or do any type of modifications to the car. The rims are staggered with a 3.5" lip in the rear and all new tires. 3 of the wheels do have some curb rash but I have gotten estimates to repair them and its about $ 100 per wheel to repair or $150 per wheel to replace the entire lip all together which is an easy process since these are 3 piece wheels. I would have done it prior to listing them I just dont have the time. These wheels also fit BMW 7 series and Range Rovers as well and obviously any Lexus model that fits 22's I have gotten so many compliments on these wheels its incredible. I have plenty of pics and much more info on tire size, dimensions etc... If you are serious, please do not hesitate to contact me (k.trabulsi@cox.net) with any questions or for pics. I have plenty! Thanks for looking