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    Decided to say the hell w/ the Navi system. My garmin is working just as good. Will install the tires and HALOs this weekend. Never figured out why the fronts were slimmer than the rears so I'm a just stick w/ it. Wish me luck.
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    Greetings all! Just got my Aristo from Japan. Now living in Germany. Crazy right.... I'm trying to change my Navi system. #1 its in Japanese and #2 last updated maps for this gen was in 2004/5. Anyway Can anybody assist me. I was looking for a good after market GPS, and the HVAC module for the climate control. Directions would be nice too. Thank you all in advanced. The goal: Good Navi installed w/ European/American Maps. Install Halo head lights... Not sure if I should go smoke or chrome Led tail lights same dilema as head lights smoke or clear wheels and tires, not sure why my front ires are not the same as my back tires, but the ride is still smooth as butter!