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  1. Hi. Yea I think you're proberbly right. I guess all that dust was wear. It's all very strange.
  2. I just ordered the update for my 2002 LS from Sewell Lexus in Dallas. Over here they cost $253 AND you don't get the speed cams on the maps either. I'd love to rip it all out and have a Tomtom system in it's place with an HD screen. The Lexus maping I find the most caffangled system I ever did see. It took me 45 mins to figure out how to set "Home" So I'm on my Tomtom any way and for that money I can but a brand new unit of better model too. Naa, just another over priced product with the Lexus branding on ..
  3. Hi Cduluk -thanks for the link. I did a search yesterday and found that link. It was after reading that that I began to strip the steering down. I've put it all together again now as I'm in Paris for the weekend and need the car. I screwed the motor back into the thread but to a more comfortable position. At least I can get my legs under it now and can move the seat to the wheel instead of the other way around. When I get back I'm going to roll down to an Autosparx and let a pro 'av a go. If it's dead then it's dead and I'll proberbly get one from the US. My local Lexus dealer wanted $428 for that little thing - thives :chairshot: !! The pix: It's quite strange that I needed a new log-in for the US site. My UK credentials would not work. Over there I am a more frequent poster.
  4. Thanks for your replies. I took the motor out today and stripped it right down. It's electromagnetic with 2 magnetic wheels and a spring plate clutch. It sits directly under the steering column and it very easy to remove. It was full of magnetic dust. I cleaned it all out and reassembled it again. I connected it to the car and it moved only a tiny bit (just a few mm) to the left and to the right. (just like before I started) I thought that i had it licked when I saw all the crap in there but the clean out has not seemed to help much. The power of the magnets must be strong to pull against the pressure plate clutch because when assembled it's very difficult to turn. I'm no wizz on electrics and I'm having difficulty explaining to myself why the motor wont work becaues it looks like it should and as it'll turn a bit I would have hoped it would work properly. The only thing I've not done it to measure the power going into the motor. I'm assuming the relay must be ok as it is turning a tiny bit once or twice and then it'll stop alltogether. Any thoughts on this? I've scratched a hole in the middle of my head trying to work this out. The bummer is that if I order a new one I can't get a refund if I manage to fix the one I have. I've taken a bunck of pix during the removal and stripdown. If some one can tell he how to get pix into this page I'll put them up. The "help" is no !Removed! help at all. Ta very much, Snaps the happy, happy Lexus owner
  5. Hi folks, I've come over from the dark side (UK) to try to find some help. It seems most of the folks in our 400/430 forum are 400 owners and as the 430 is a totally diffreret car I'm finding it really difficult finding help. I wrote off my 400 a few weeks ago and I've replaced it with a 430 from 2003. I got the car private and it has a few faults which I need to fix. the first and most important issue is with the tilt motor. I can hear it slightly moving but I have no up n down movement. In and out is ok. It's driving me nuts that I have to drive the car like this. It's really quite uncomfortable. I do need to remove the steering wheel to get passed the couling to the motor(s). I'd be very greatful if there is someone here that can walk me through the process or perhaps can send me a diagram of some kind so I can see a break down of the parts I need to get at and the tools I'll need to use = beg, steal or borrow ....oh yea, I'll also need to shut down the airbag system too .... Next Is there ANY WAY to totally shut down the tyre pressure warning system. I have the horrible triangle in my face. OK I know I can remove the bulb but that still don't stop the read out from the computer. Ok, that's it. thanks for reading this and I hope you'll get intouch if you have some answers. cheers, Snaps