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  1. I am replacing rear brake pads; rear left pads were worn to 1mm. Rear right pads were worn to 4mm. The calipers have the same part number, but the right rear caliper has a difference in casting thickness and slight differences in appearance. When I installed new pads and reinstalled the caliper on the left side, it has a perfect snug fit on the rotor with piston fully retracted. When I attempted to install the rear right caliper with new pads, the pads are too thick and won't fit over the rotor even though the piston is fully retracted. Are there supposed to be different pad thicknesses i
  2. Thanks. I found the location; now, can you provide any quick tips on how to remove that panel so the switch can be accessed? It doesn't seem to have any obvious fasteners/screws, and appears to be mounted beneath the dark gray plastic above it which surround the steering console and the ignition switch etc---surely there must be a way to get at this sensor without dismantling the steering column plastic, the ignition switch surround/plastic, and half of the dashboard?
  3. My air conditioning seems to only work in either Max Cold or Max Hot setting, and doesn't regulate itself when set to Auto and attempting to keep cabin air at 72 degrees. My guess is a faulty air ambient temperature sensor. Does anybody know where this sensor is located on a 2001 LX470?
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