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  1. If it has one I have not been able to find it. Some people have told me that the vvt-i does not have one, and others have said it does. I do know my car is "drive by wire" and has a throttle control motor where the IACV is on non vvt-i's. And by the way. That's my thread on Club Lexus. I'm not getting much help over there either.
  2. Oh c'mon! Somebody has to know something...
  3. First of all, hello everyone. I have a 98 SC300 with VVT-i. I'm having some random idling issues. After warm up it will low idle at around 2-300 rpms and vibrate like a mutha. It does not always do it but it's pretty darn frequent. I never have any issues with a high idle. I have found and fixed a few cracked vacuum lines but there was no change. No check engine light either. Runs like a champ down the highway. I've searched numerous other forums and threads regarding the Idle Air Control Valve. Now where I'm confused is that some people say the VVT-i does not have a IACV and some say they do. I know it has a Throttle Control Motor and was wondering if it acted in the same capacity, and if it were beginning to fail would it cause the symptoms I'm experiencing? What else would cause a low idle problem with my year model? Thank you for you help. Oh, and here's my pride and joy.
  4. Trying to figure out my idling issues...

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