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  1. Quick review about this: refilling the tank fixed the issue... There might have been something bad (bad dosing? not something that cloaked the gas filter anyway) in previous tank.
  2. I have the TSB, I found it in another thread. Thank you anyway 8) My question is about applying the new firmware without going to a Lexus/Toyota shop (I don't trust them. At all. At least the one less than 100 miles from here). Reading the TSB it appears that, even you get the firmware (how?) you need the Hybrid Battery Charger/Tester plugged in... I wonder if this is really the case or it's only a way to get owners to go in Lexus/Toyota shops.
  3. Problem happened on my 2006, it was sticky, more and more sticky and I eventually changed it (out of warranty). Cost was about 70 euros ex-tax, it took me about half an hour to change it. http://www.clublexus.com/forums/rx-2nd-gen-2004-2009/588188-melted-plastic-in-rear-boot-opener.html Howto: http://www.clublexus.com/forums/rx-second-generation/710278-cargo-hatch-switch-replacement-how-to-with-pics.html#post8149752
  4. Hello, reviving an old thread, sorry about this 8-/ I own a 2006 euro spec RX400h with a bit more than 255'000 on the clock (that 160'000 miles). I experienced this yesterday (both "town speed" and "highway speed"), it never occurred before. I was suspecting the gazoline I put in just before leaving on my trip then found this thread and others on the same subject. The tank is almost empty so I'll fill it with "better" gas tomorrow and do some tests. If issue still occurs, do you know how to check if the TSB were properly applied (this car has not seen a Lexus/Toyota shop for two years) and if there's a way of applying them on my own (with Techsteam)?
  5. Klug

    French Rx 400H

    Answering to myself : posting in this forum fixed the PM 8)
  6. Klug

    French Rx 400H

    Hi guys. A quick word from old Europe (and very old France)... We just bough a used 2006 RX 400h. We love it 8) However, I have a slight issue with the forum: I can not use PM... I'd like to answer to a PM that was sent to me but forum says "[#10226] You are not allowed to use the private messaging system." Does anyone know how to fix this?
  7. Klug

    Same issue as Irish Mick for me 8-(

    And the "contact_admin" JS function leads to a non-existing email address...

  8. I know the thread is a bit old... But can you still use your integrated 6-CD player with the DICE interface ?