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  1. 95 es 300 I have a problem with my clock but its definitly not the fuse. I replaced the fuse and still have a "smeared" look to it. Cant read the time ever.. the radio back light is out too and i am going to replace it. but wont exactly replace the climate control for a clock if its not worth fixing. i really want to know if i should attempt to repair or leave it as is with ability to be functional.
  2. thank you very much it does help... i was pretty sure it was the thermostat from the begining however im not a mechanic yet to diagnose.it started 2-3 days after replacing the hydraulic hose... it does overheat at low rpms in the city and is able to cool on the highway or rather i dont notice any change on high way driving but a great spike in the city... i have boiled over once because i took it 20 miles to a doctor appt on the way back i got steam and boilage i had to stop every mile and a half and put some cold water in... min coolant loss and rad cap and gasket appear operable... i personally have the time to do this project myself which is good for labor costs. but i have only owned this car for about a month and am not familiar with the import family yet. getting there with the help of this forum. you guys all kick !Removed!! i am going to fix the thermostat next then water pump just cause the radiator and cap appear to be relatively new so i will leave them alone for now. and i will move on to replace the head gaskets shortly as well... it cant hurt but i think it may be beneficial as i really dont know where the problem began or when for that matter.
  3. if need any more info just post ill respond. i will be watching this thread close.. i got took by a small dealer that sold me a lemon however i love this car and just want it to run with out problem.
  4. 95 Lex Es 300, 1MZ eng, Unknown milage (title says odom discrep) Had issue with hydraulic hose from pwr steering to radiator replaced $207.00 from lex dealer. now that the fan is opperable i overheat in the city, takes a bit on the highway to get up the temp. sounds to me like thermostat. am i wasting my time? open to any suggestions for diagnosis. i just want my baby to run like it should. thanx
  5. the power steering also controls the radiator fan. unlike most cars the lexus has a hydraulic line that regulates your cooling system.. if your power steering is having issues this may also be contributing ... just had a similar problem.. there is a hose that connects the fan to the pwer steering pump instead of a elec line with normal thermostat. the line cost me $207 at the dealer and it was the only place i could find it.