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  1. Thanks ill try that was kinda of surprised as it just seemed to happen out of the blue as it has been starting right up and driving it every day since got it about 5 months ago, just been sitting now since got wife different car in anticipation for daughters 16 bday
  2. The 97es300 has been sittingfor let little over month waiting for daughter to start driving. Had started it couple times and no problem starting right up, running etc. couple weeks ago went out to start it after sitting couple weeks and battery dead. Charged up, started ran for bit. Waited 2 days stated right up. Waited 6 days and completly dead again. Should I get barry tested or think something else?
  3. 97 es300 with 198, 000 excellent condition $ 3200.00, although did spend another 1500 on some repairs needed. Been me great car, will be my daughters in couple more months.
  4. Dcfish, thanks, just have to put up with burnt oil smell
  5. Well, looks like I have a very small leak on rear main seal. Wii just live with it as cost of repair too much for value of car. At least its not marking itself on ground yet.
  6. Started getting a burnt oil smell that is fairly strong inside passenger compartment. Had oil change about 3 weeks ago and was informed that may have smell for bit due to how design is and getting oil spill etc. really noticing this after being on interstate for about 20 mins. Only had car for about 3d months and never noticed before. No visible oil leaks around manifold or on ground, any ideas????
  7. Did you ever figure out about this. Needing to do same on 97 es300 that I just picked up last week as stock radio and salvage purchase is dead.
  8. Just got my 1997 ES300 w/197,000 miles for $3200 few days ago. GREAT car will probably have to spend about another 5-6 hundred to get rear clunking noise (sounds like the tension rods or maybe struts from the posts), radio doesnt work of course, picking one up on ebay, and couple of small little cosmetic problems. oh and 1st post! great forum for info by the way!
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