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  1. I have checked every relay I could find,(4 in engine bay, 4 under dash) however im not sure which is the fuel pump. All of those were good. I have also heard of possibly tripping the impact sensor which can disable the fuel. Is there a way to reset the sensor? (already tried disconnecting the battery)
  2. Hello, Everyone. I have a 2004 RX330 that recently died while running at idle and I have been unable to get it to start. Originally I thought the problem could possibly be bad gas, so I pulled the seats and the fuel pump and drained the tank. After refilling with a fresh tank I still have not yet been able to get it to start. While the seats and carpeting were out I noticed when I turned the key to the on position the fuel pump is not turning on. I ran a wire directly to the pump and it came on, so the pump is working. I think it could possibly be the fuel pump relay, however I have not been able to locate the relay for the fuel pump. Does anyone know where the fuel pump relay is?? Anyone else have any solutions? Thanks, Kevin