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  1. cuz the older ones did not come with a cd player or any usb adapters... maybie in the new sc430's they might... but not in the 92's to 99's...
  2. navy 2008- present on deployment right now as a matter of fact...
  3. i to have the same problem... i have replaced all the fuses, made sure the lighter was clear, checked all connections and still nothing... any ideas without taking it to a shop? i dont feel like having a huge bill for a simple fix i could have done...
  4. hey, the only think you want to get before you start is that you need a special wiring harness for the aftermarket deck... you have to order it from an actual car audio shop, mine cost about 70 bucks... other than that it is a usual swap out, i think it was 4 in. mids... im not sure its been a while since i did mine, 8 in stock sub, and the two tweekers in the front... also if you plan on putting the deck in yourself ensure to plug the wiring for the original volume control knobs because if you dont than you wont get any power to your heater unit..
  5. the ting with the sc's is if you get one that is well taken care of than yeah it is worth it, but once again... they are more of a sports car, so finding one that was like a sunday driver is hard to find but worth it!!! i have had my sc400 for about 2 years now and i love it!! i never want to get rid of this car... now i have never driven a porsche but from the research i have done looks like they are much more expensive to fix than a lexus, so that is a plus... also if for any reason you decide you want a drift car the supra engine is a direct swap with the 1uzfe... with the exception of the wiring harness of course... but i would deffinatly go with the sc... 300 or 400 its up to you....
  6. yeah that could work.... but it still wouldnt look right... i would just rather replace the whole thing and not have to deal with it....
  7. congrats man, welcome to the club! alot of people with alot of knowledge, any questions? dont be afraid to ask!