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  1. I'll provide an update if I end up getting it worked on. Today, out of the blue, I was able to control my CD player.
  2. Gentlemen, recently I submitted a post about the issues I'm having with my Nakamichi head unit in my '97 LS400. Being no electronic buff myself, I still think this has to be an issue a knowledgeable technician could replace. That said, I'm asking for suggestions on where to send the unit to get fixed. Please share reviews of shops you've used. Who should I trust? How much did you pay? Who to avoid? Etc. One guy suggested: Audio Video Service Stop 288 Washington Street, Weymouth, MASS 02188 What about: HI-Tech Electronic Services 7049 Valjean Ave. Van Nuys, CA 91406 Any input will be greatly appreciated!
  3. I can't say that I've noticed the problem with an increase in temperature. I mean, I live Phoenix and it seems likes it is always hot. I bought the car back in August and the issue seems to have gotten worse. Actually, I haven't been able to select the CD player for days. The volume control works, the audio adjustment controls work (Fade, Balance, Bass, Etc.). This is driving me nuts.
  4. Fellas, I'm brand new to the world of Lexus ownership and I need your held. Here's the deal: I just purchased a '07 LS400 that has issues with the factory stereo. At random times the stereo controls do not work. For example, yesterday I was listening to CDs without an issue and switched to FM. I was able to change stations, no problem. This morning I can't switch back to CD or tune to AM. To controls won't work for a period of time and will then come back. The power knob always seems to work. I haven't been able to find this same issue in the forums. Also, I can't seem recognize a pattern here. In general, I'm pleased with the stereo system and am not looking to swap it out right now. Chime in with any knowledge or advice you can. Thank you! John B. Phoenix, AZ
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