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  1. Well my starter died yesterday, my mechanic called and told me i also need a new coolant sensor.. Sigh.
  2. I live in montreal canada, and I've been driving my 97 ls400 in the snow all winter. I put some michelin x-ice winter tires on it and it grips fine. I haven't got stuck yet lol. I always find myself turning off the traction control and drifting, its so much fun. Its having trouble starting on cold days though, but i think thats my starter thats about to go.
  3. And by the way, no I cannot do this myself. I lack the tools and the know how.. i looked up a tutorial on they say "It takes certified mechanics 10-15 hours to do this" :o
  4. Wow thanks for all the great advice! I wasnt expecting so many replies in 1 day. I live in Montreal Canada so yes we do get cold weather. I will ask around to see if I can get the timing belt and water pump replaced for a decent price, but I doubt I will find someone who will do it under 1500$ can. parts and labor. I will post it ASAP at a discounted price and let the buyer know about upcoming maintenance.
  5. I have a 1997 LS400 with 130,000km (80,000miles) with the original timing belt. I'm planning on selling it this spring, but should I be worried til then? Is there a way to check the belt to see if its ok? The car is a real gem, i would really hate myself if something happend to it but at the same time i dont wanna spend lots of money on the maintenance knowing i will sell it soon. Any advice would be appreciated. And also, How much (approx.) do you think I can sell it for?
  6. Look in your owner's manual for the fuse location. There is an older thread discussing heated seat troubleshooting ->"heated%20seats"&fromsearch=1entry349879 It is easy to use this forum's search engine. In the upper right of the screen there is a search box. Type in "heated seats" (with quotes) and either press <return> or the magnifying glass. Behold the wonders that ensue. B) Lol your funny, thx much appreciated.
  7. I'm having the same issues, heating seats wont work on my 97LS400. Noob question: Where do i check for blown fuse? is it easy to change? any kind of walkthrough would be appreciated.
  8. I also own a 97 ls400 and I read in the manual that 91 octane is required.. As for the heated seats, the buttons should be mounted just above the ashtray to the right.. Mine dont seem to work, I press the button, the light turns on but my seats dont get warm.
  9. I'm in Montreal Canada so I dont think I can be of much help to you but I'm also having problems with Nakamichi in my 97 LS400. My CD player only plays on the left speakers but the FM works on all speakers. I brought my car to J.D. Audio and spoke to Dan who I think is the owner, he charged me 60$ just to remove the CD player from the glove box and he said he would send it somewhere to get it fixed. Its been 3 weeks now and still no news from him. I'm gonna call him on monday. Anyone else having the same problem?
  10. I just bought a 97 LS400 and my CD player wasn't playing on my right speakers. I sent out the CD player to get it fixed two weeks ago and still no news. 1990LS400 mentioned something about the balance control.. "I got it repaired (barely) when the right channel went out a couple of years ago but only because the balance control needed re-soldering and no parts were needed." I'm wondering if I'm having the same problem. Actually i doubt it cause all my speakers and audio controls work fine on the FM radio. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Sgretchko, are you still getting the "hop" from the transmission? Did the flush fix the problem?
  12. I just bought a 97 LS400 and im having the same issue. The car hops when i select drive or reverse. Please let me know if you find out what the problem is.
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