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  1. Some of the Aristo's ( Lexus gs 300 ) come in a 5 speed but its a 1j so you would need a 1jtranny
  2. Guys its lexusman17 Just to let you no I'm 17 an still learning I need help on knowing the difference between a ge and gte head I'm wanting to put the gte head on this week but I want to no if it will work with no questions asked Hopefully someone knows. Thanks
  3. It turned out to be my sillinoid it is suppose to run at 7 to 8 ohms but mine was at 10
  4. ine is doing the same thing gettin it fixed very soon i well tell you the codes and wut was wrong with mine wen i get it fixed
  5. well ive heard that the bottom end is the same as a gte my freind just took his gte 2j apart and its the same im not sure wut size turbo yet but lookin for about 600 whp. looking to run about 12 psi, annd ita a gte head
  6. ok guys i need some help... im fixin to boost my 98 gs and i need to no if the rods (ge) in the motor can handle it? i was told i need gte rods which are around 1200 from mvp... im hoping to save some money if its possible to boost on stock rods ive got a 2j supra head and pistons right now but need rods thank you and hope you can help
  7. ok i will look at some and i am wanting an aftermarket look
  8. ive got a very nicely kept 98 gs300 but it has hail damage to the hood, top, and trunk im lookin to put carbon fiber parts on it but im not to sure who is the best. ive been told by a close friend that VIS is the way to go. but not to sure
  9. hello well i saw wut happened to your gs are you still workin on it? if so i think i might be able to help with some problems

  10. ive got a 98 gs300 with two 12's i would run with a seperate amp just for the fact that your subs would sound better with a bigger amp
  11. wut title says ive got some gs300 haedlights for sale, in great condition. and if any ideas for new headlights feel free to tell thanks
  12. just a suggestion if you are looking to get more HP i would get a new engine ( i am putting a 2jz{ supra twin turbo } in my 98 gs300 it would be worth it and its about 5 thousand for it
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