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  1. Hi Thanks for posting instructions with picture. Can you share site where you found coil for $45? Is it original Toyota coil? Thanks
  2. Hi- I have 07 RX350 with 75k miles. We bought this car 3 months ago and it is our first Lexus. Car was working great until engine light check came on with VSC. I have checked gas cap and it is tight. I went to Autozone and scanner shows code P0355 Primary/Secondary E Coil. Car is running fine but some time feels some jerkiness. My question is what else can I do beside taking it to a dealer? called local mechanic and he told me that coil is in the back and labor would be worth replacing 3 coils. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Is this something I can change? I am no pro but can do many things around the house Thanks again for your time and help!!!