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  1. Hi, I need to change my struts and can't decide whether to use OEM or use KYB or Monroe. Has anyone here used KYB or Monroe? If yes, how did they compare to ride equality of OEM struts? Thanks!
  2. http://bahamutcars.f...ents/index.html' After many years of free help to fellow Toyota and Lexus owners and enthusiasts, the Workshop Manuals have been removed from the site upon request from Toyota Motor Corporation
  3. Hi Folks, I thought I'd share a discovery on the internet. Here's a link to download the full service repair manual.
  4. Hi, has anyone here replaced a rear differential seal? If so, can you provide a step by step instructions and tools needed? Thanks, Ryan
  5. Thanks Lenore. I've purchased the part. Do you know how long i can drive on a bad wheel bearing?
  6. Hi great post! My rear bearing on my rx330 has gone bad with only 78K. I want to make sure i buy the right part. I was on partsgeek.com and didn't see an option to buy just the wheel bearing. Can you confirm that I need to buy the hub and bearing assembly? Thank you.