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  1. Hi All, recently - after owning the car for 5 months ;) I've checked if the alarm system works... and it doesn't. I did the procedure described in owner's manual: - open window - close the car with the remote - open doors through open window - the alarm should sound.... but nothing happened. I checked OBDII errors and there is nothing. Where should I start? Is it possible the previous owner disabled anti theft system? Also holding "close" button on remote doesn't close windows/sun roof.
  2. Have you checked OBDII for errors? You should start from there. Nobody can tell you what happened only guess.
  3. Where should I start to look to diagnose the problem? I checked OBD codes already and I didn't find anything.
  4. Why not put somebody (you trust) behind the wheel (with gearbox on D) and you will open the bonnet and check what is making this noise? If you won't hear anything it might mean it's something behind the dash or this vibration is caused by damaged engine/gearbox mount (those rubber ones).
  5. No leaks, Replaced the Idle air control. Dropped 3 hundo. Stopped the reving. But now wont start all the time. If I wait 5 min, it will start up again. HMMMMM? My wifes driving the car and it drives her nuts. If shes running late she doesnt want to stop the car just in case it wont start again. Any thoughts? Oh and thanks for the reply before. Appreciated. From my Volvo experience... your problem looks like camshaft sensor failure. Did you read OBD codes from your Lexus?
  6. I managed to change the engine oil without ramp :) I flushed it with Liqui Moly Motor Clean first, the amount of "dark matter" was scary. I'm sure nobody did it before. I used Liqui Moly Molygen 5w50 synthetic oil and K&N filter. You were right, to remove undercover -> 16 x M10 - quite annoying :) especially after oil change... To remove drain plug you need 14mm socket. I used cheap tool from Halfords to remove oil filter. You can see the whole procedure on pictures.
  7. Thanks for your answer. This won't be a problem :) BMI 23.5 Great news, I don't think Toyota changed the undercover that much between LS and GS. AFAIK I can drop off used oil in government recycling facility... we will see, this will be my first time :) Hmmm so maybe I've made a mistake... I bought K&N oil filter and I paid £13 which would be about $18-19. No worries, I'll try to change the oil tomorrow, will let you know how it went :)
  8. Hi, I was thinking about changing engine oil mysefl. Is it possible without ramp to remove engine under cover to drain oil and remove oil filter? I bought Liqui Moly Motor Clean because engine oil at the moment is more brown than yelow... - I hope it's a good idea...
  9. All can be true, don't forget insurance. First you need to check it's service & maintenance history; oil, belts replaced, transmission fluid, etc. Call the dealer to find out any additional info. - Was the car involved in a (serious) accident? - Are there any OBD faultcodes to read? Is there a Check Engine Light? - How many miles did the car run? - A L430 is kind of a powerhouse, so how was the car treated by the previous owner(s)? - How does the car testdrive: steer, brake, accelerate, auto-shift, sound, suspension? - Are all electrical devices and powerlocks/windows operation
  10. Hi All, sorry for an email which might look like I don't want to search the forum before asking but maybe somebody can point me to a thread where I can find answers, please. And since I'm more like a Volvo user I don't even know where to start with Lexus. The story is...I can buy '04 GS430 for about £1000 and I think it is cheap. I wonder if somebody wants to sell it because road tax is high or petrol prices... or there is something terribly wrong with the car which would cost thousands to repair... especially in London. Could you please tell me what to check to make sure I will enjoy this c
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